by Ellen Brandt, Ph.D.

1. John McCain, most recent GOP candidate for President, is not a Boomer. He’s about ten years older than the eldest Boomer, in fact, aged 73, born August, 1936, in the Panama Canal Zone. But wife Cindy, nee Cindy Lou Hensley, is a Boomer, at age 55.

2. Sarah Palin, most recent GOP candidate for Vice-President, isn’t a Boomer, either – though she’s close. She’s 45, born February, 1964, in Idaho. Neither is Todd Palin, born in Alaska in September, 1964, making him seven months younger than his wife.

3. Glenn Beck, political pundit and possible future candidate, isn’t a Boomer. He’s exactly one day older than Palin, also born February, 1964, in the state of Washington.

Some commentators have classed people born throughout 1964 as Boomers. Officially, though, the generation ends on the first of January of that year. We are willing to welcome 1964 babies as honorary Boomers, if they so choose, because we Boomers are magnanimous!

4. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the US House of Representatives, isn’t a Boomer. She’s 69, born March, 1940, in Maryland. All five of Pelosi’s children are members of Gen-X, ranging in age from 38-44.

5. Harry Reid, Senator from Nevada and US Senate Majority Leader, isn’t a Boomer. He’s also 69, born December, 1939, in Nevada. The eldest of Reid’s five children, Rory Reid, a Clark County, Nevada, Commissioner, is a Boomer, at age 46.

6. Barney Frank, Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, isn’t a Boomer. He, too, is 69, born March, 1940, in New Jersey. Frank’s long-time former boyfriend, Sergio Pombo, 45, a bureaucrat at the World Bank, and current boyfriend Jim Ready, 39, a shopkeeper, are both Gen-X’ers. So Frank seems to have skipped the Baby Boom generation completely.

There must be some significance to the fact that the Democrats’ Holy or Unholy Trinity, depending on your viewpoint – Pelosi, Reid, and Frank – are all the same age, but I have no idea what it is it.

7. Joe Biden, Vice-President of the United States, isn’t a Boomer. He’s 66, born November, 1942, in Pennsylvania. But wife Jill, nee Jill Jacobs, is a Boomer, at age 58.

8. Ron Paul, member of the US House of Representatives and doyen of Libertarians, isn’t a Boomer. He’s 74, born August, 1935, in Pennsylvania. But the three eldest of Paul’s five children, Ron, Jr., 50, Lori, 48, and Randal, 46, are all Boomers. Randal, an opthamologist, has announced that he will seek the Republican nomination for the Senate seat of Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning, who is retiring next year.

9. Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana and a rising Republican star, isn’t a Boomer. The youngest US governor is 38, born June, 1971, in Louisiana. But his Dad, Amar, a civil engineer, and Mom, Raj, a computer scientist, are Boomers.

10. Luke Ravenstahl, Mayor of Pittsburgh, and a rising Democratic star, isn’t a Boomer. The youngest mayor of a major US city is just 29, born February, 1980, in Pennsylvania. His Dad, Robert, Jr., a judge, and Mom, Cynthia, are both Boomers.

11. Tom Brokaw, former NBC anchor and ubiquitous media personality, isn’t a Boomer, although many think he is. At 69, he’s actually six years older than the eldest Boomer, born February, 1940, in South Dakota. Brokaw’s three daughters are all Gen-X’ers.

12. Bret Baier, Fox News host, isn’t a Boomer. He’s 39, born August, 1970, in New Jersey. Baier’s predecessor at Fox’s Special Report, isn’t a Boomer, either. Brit Hume is 66, three years older than the oldest Boomer.

13. Martha Stewart, ex-convict and media mogul, isn’t a Boomer. She’s 68, born August, 1941, in New Jersey. Only daughter Alexis, who hosts both radio and cable television shows, is just shy of being a Boomer, at age 44. Stewart’s Mom, also named Martha, lived to be 93.

14. Rachael Ray, whom many call the mini-Martha, isn’t a Boomer. She’s 41, born August, 1968, in New York. Neither Ray’s parents, Elsa and James, nor her husband, John, are Boomers. But her culinary protegee, Daisy Martinez, whose Food Network show she produces, is a Boomer, at age 51.

15. Angelina Jolie, acclaimed actress and mother of many, isn’t a Boomer. She’s 34, born June, 1975, in California. Jolie’s father, actor Jon Voight, is five years older than the oldest Boomer, at age 68. But her late mother, actress Marcheline Bertrand, was a Boomer, born in 1950. Two of Jolie’s three husbands, actor Billy Bob Thornton, 54, and actor Brad Pitt, 46 in two months, are also Boomers.

16. Jennifer Lopez, actress, singer, and producer, isn’t a Boomer. She’s 40, born July, 1969, in New York. Lopez is the middle of three sisters, all Gen-X’ers, as are all three of Lopez’s husbands, Ojani Noa, 35, Cris Judd, 40, and Marc Anthony,41.

17. Tyler Perry, comedian, writer, and media phenomenon, isn’t a Boomer. He’s 40, born September, 1969, in Louisiana. It is likely that his most famous character, Mabel “Madea” Simmons, is also not a Boomer.

18. George Lucas, director and producer whose films are often associated with Boomers, isn’t a Boomer himself. He’s 65, born May, 1944, in California. Lucas’s film American Graffiti, 1973, was widely seen as being a group coming-of-age portrait of the Baby Boom generation, and most of its stars were, indeed, Boomers, including Richard Dreyfuss, 61, Ron Howard, 55, Paul Le Mat, 63, Cindy Williams, 62, and Candy Clark, 62.

19. Martin Scorsese, director and screenwriter, isn’t a Boomer. He’s about to turn 67, born November, 1942, in New York. Friends and fellow wunderkind directors of the 1970’s Brian De Palma and Francis Ford Coppola are also pre-Boomers. De Palma is 69, Coppola 70.

20. Queen Latifah, singer, composer, actress and model, isn’t a Boomer. She’s 39, born March, 1970, in New Jersey. Latifah recently appeared as a spokesperson for the Jenny Craig diet program, saying she’s lost 35 lbs. on the plan. Weight-loss mogul Craig, you may be surpised to hear, just turned 77 – 14 years older than the oldest Boomer.

21. Michael Dell, founder and CEO of Dell Computer, isn’t a Boomer. He’s 44, born February, 1965, in Texas. But Dell Computer’s former CEO, Kevin Rollins, whom Michael Dell replaced as CEO in 2007, is a Boomer. He’s 56, born July, 1953, and is now Chairman of the American Enterprise Institute.

22. Sergey Brin, Google co-founder, isn’t a Boomer. He’s 36, born August, 1973, in Moscow, Russia. But both of Brin’s parents, Michael, a math professor, and Eugenia, literally a rocket scientist at NASA, are Boomers.

23. Larry Page, the other Google co-founder, also isn’t a Boomer. He, too, is 36, born March, 1973, in Michigan. Neither Page’s Mom Gloria nor his late father, Steven, both computer science professors, were Boomers, both being a few years older.

24. Matt Mullenweg, founder of WordPress, isn’t a Boomer. Amazingly, he’s only 25, born August, 1984, in Texas. Mullenweg is theoretically young enough to be the grandchild of Boomers! But both his parents, Kathleen and Chuck, are Boomers. His somewhat unusual surname, by the way, is Swedish.

25. Paris Hilton, famous for being herself, isn’t a Boomer. She’s 28, born February, 1981, in New York. Both of Paris’s parents, Richard, 54, a real estate developer, and Kathy, 50, a Home Shopping Network host, are Boomers.

And 26. Tinkerbell Hilton, Paris’s teacup chihuahua, born 2001 in California, while 8 in human years, is 56 in dog years, making her a sorta kinda Boomer.

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